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Remember that news about the massive and evil NSA complex being built in Utah? Well you can put away the tin foil hat. It turns out that this NSA death star could be serving a more benign purpose. Yes, Big Brother could use it to screen the population for Parkinson!


NSA logo

Image courtesy of KCconfidential.com


In this news article picked up off Wired.com the inventor of a Parkinson diagnosing tool using voice analysis is quoted saying:

“If we could use the entire existing telephone network then we could scale up the screening of Parkinson’s disease to the entire population, and do it at very minimal cost.”

So here you have it folks. This NSA death star paranoia is probably unfounded. The government just wants to look after your well-being.

Of course, a $2 Billion facility to screen the population for Parkinson disease may not sound to you like a “minimal cost”, but you are wrong. Parkinson disease costs the USA $35 billion a year, and that number will double between now and 2030. 50% of the diagnosed become unable to work within 5 years.  Therefore, a $2 billion investment is a “minimal cost” if it allows catching the disease early and extends the productive use of the diagnosed. The longer the diagnosed can produce economic output the lesser the costs for society.

The future looks brighter today. Imagine having Big Brother detect the beginning of Parkison in your voice while you chat with your boyfriend on the phone. Instantly the remote triggered drug delivery system implanted in your rectum at birth, would start delivering Parkinson fighting drugs to your blood stream.

Big Brother is really looking out for us.


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