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Happy 1984!

By   /   June 11, 2012  /   No Comments

Microsoft new patent and and an experimental drug-delivery microchip could make 1984 easier to swallow.

The always entertaining GeekWire brought a Microsoft patent application to my attention. Microsoft is seeking a patent for a system that would match your mood to ads. For example, your Xbox would constantly spy on you. It will analyze your facial expression, body movements, posture, voice tone and online activity to determine your state of mind. Is it 1984 yet? Not yet, read on.
Back in February 2012, WebMD had an article about an experimental drug-delivery microchip. An implanted microchip that release drugs into your body after receiving a wireless signal.
Imagine being in a constant good mood, never angry or never sad. For example you are on the phone with your boyfriend and you start to get into a fight. Your smartphone could pick up on the anger in your voice and trigger the release of Prozac to calm you down. Hey, it is not that important, he just cheated on you

And how about having your TV trigger the release of Valium while you watch the news. Hey it is not that bad, Romney just declared himself president for life.

Happy 1984 everyone!

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