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RIP Internet Privacy (1969-2012)

By   /   June 6, 2012  /   No Comments

With IPV6 we will all have an electronic ID that will suppress our privacy online.

With IPV6 we will all have an electronic ID that will suppress our online privacy. The electronic ID is something politicians have been working on for the last few years and most recently in Europe where the EU launched their E-identity initiative. However, it looks like technologist have beat them to the punch.

IPv6 is the new Internet Protocol launched today. With trillions of unique IP addresses now available, IPv6 means that each one of us will have an actual electronic ID for life. We will have a set of unique IPv6 addresses associated to our iphone, computer, Xbox etc.

Being identified by our IP addresses will improve our internet experience, but at the price of our privacy. For example, with unique IPv6 online banking will be more secure. On the other hand, every thing we do on internet will be traced back to us, logged and analyzed.

For an obscure company such as [x+1] Inc, this means making better psychological profiles. For their customers it means better targeting their product offering. It means big money.

For us the consumers, the average Joe, it means troubles. Big troubles. They won’t use your profile just to sell you detergent. Imagine filling up a job application online for a company that uses [X+1] Inc services. That company will know your sexual preferences, your IQ, your EQ, your social habits etc. Your job application may get discarded because you are black, gay, straight, lean to the left or lean to the right. Your right to privacy is no officially dead.

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